Hello again, it’s gone by quickly, but we are already a month in! In some ways it’s been a fun and exciting time here, in other ways it’s been stressful and tough. Overall I think we are all settling in and starting to get a feel for our new life.

The kids have made some friends and are now comfortable running around outside and playing at the different playgrounds and climbing trees around the school. They both seem to have gotten over the initial sadness of moving away and have started to have some fun and just be kids. We were given a small chameleon a few days ago (well documented on our social media, haha) and this has brought a lot of joy to both girls. He, (Camo the Chameleon) has become the subject of science and art classes, as well as writing and reflection. We’ve started online school for Jaymie and it has been going very well.

Allison has started her role working with the teacher development team. She’s going to be leading a two day seminar for the Secondary teachers in an upcoming training session. It’s definitely out of her comfort zone, but she has embraced the challenge as she has begun to prepare for it.

I (Dan), have started to get my feet wet (figuratively and literally) in some parts of my new role. One of my jobs has been working to inspect and track all of the wells and boreholes around Kibaale town and the surrounding villages. We are working to have a clear map and tracking system so that we can monitor and maintain them. It has been a great way to start to get to know my coworkers and to explore the surrounding areas.

I have also been so blessed to help start a Men’s Fellowship Bible Study with a group of about 30 men. These guys are the maintenance and kitchen staff here and so I’ve been able to identify with them as a fellow blue-collar guy. I’ve been surprised and so very encouraged by their excitement about the group, and their willingness to share prayer requests, and their eagerness to talk Bible. I’ve started to look forward to our Thursday afternoons together.

All in all, I think it has been a positive start here. Of course I won’t sugar-coat the discouraging days, and the meltdowns that have been pretty plentiful. But as I reminded our family today, just as the Israelites loved to whine even in the midst of God doing incredible things, we too do the exact same thing. We need to remind ourselves daily of our God who calls, who leads, who provides, and sustains. Though we are weak, we are grateful to follow our God who is strong.

Thank you to everyone reading this. Thanks for your prayers, we need them! Thank you to everyone who has contributed or is still contributing financially to allow us to do this work. It means a great deal to have so many partners back home supporting us every step of the way. If you’re considering donating we are getting close to our monthly goal, we are praying for a few more people to partner with us as monthly donors.

Love, The Unger Family