Hello our lovely friends and family,

As we approach our 7 month mark of living here in Uganda we wanted to send you a quick update.

We’ve been thankful to continue our roles here in Kibaale. In addition to our usual tasks we’ve had the opportunity to host several visiting groups here in our guest house which is right beside our home. This has been a great thing to take on, hosting groups from as short as a one-night stay, to a nurse who has been volunteering in our clinic for three months. It’s quite rewarding to give tours of the Centre and show a lot of the great things going on here to serve our community.

One of the coolest things we have been able to do here is to sponsor some students. We’ve been able to get to know their families and offer some support to them. We felt called to sponsor one of these kids when we heard their family story which includes her dad suffering from a serious mental illness. If you know a bit of our story, you know that as a younger man I struggled with the extreme effects of bipolar disorder. You can hear some of our journey through mental illness in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CVBo5Kvp68

When we had the chance to support this family we didn’t hesitate, and recently her dad was very mentally sick. We had the opportunity to stand with Mom and the kids and to help him receive treatment. I was able to share some of my story and tell them that God isn’t finished with their family, that he has great plans for them. After a few weeks in a mental hospital, Dad was able to come home, and we are praying for continued healing in every way for this family. This definitely hit close to home for us, especially seeing the family and the visible pain they have been going through. We are thankful to be able to stand with them and to be able to pray for them and empathize in some ways.

Since we last updated we’ve also done a lot of work with the sponsorship office; helping with nursery student intake for the 2024 school year (which begins in January), and making videos and taking photos to send to sponsors. We’ve also had the opportunity to install rain water collection systems on several student’s homes. These are simple systems that use a gutter to collect rain water from the roof and connect to a barrel for storage of clean water. Allison and I also had the opportunity to lead a workshop for our Staff Development Training, it was on Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known.

As we look towards next year we are excited at the programs we have been closely working on. Allison has been putting in a lot of time working on the teacher development program as they are working on expanding their reach in new schools in our community. Next year we have plans to grow our community farming program. We are working to provide training to all of the parents of our students, to give them the ability to sustainably grow healthy food and to generate an income for their family.

We began to home school in September and despite some challenges, it has been going well. Sophia is starting to learn how to read and we are trying to teach Jaymie to read slower so we can try to get her more books to read!

Thanks for all of your love and prayers. We couldn’t do any of this work without your generous support. To donate to our work in Uganda, you can click on the blue donate button below or on our website. We look forward to sending another update closer to the end of the year.

God bless, with much love,

The Unger Family