Hey, welcome to our site! We are the Unger family, also known as Dan, Allison, and our daughters, Jaymie and Sophia. We are part of the Commission to Every Nation Missionary Network. We live in Southern Uganda where we serve with Kuwasha at the Kibaale Community Center.


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Unger Update: 4 Months In

Hello! We have now been here just over four months. As time goes by, we feel like we are settling in more and more, and finding our place and our fit, here at the Centre. The girls are continuing to do well here. They did both get fairly sick a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully they did not have...

One Month in Uganda!

Hello again, it’s gone by quickly, but we are already a month in! In some ways it’s been a fun and exciting time here, in other ways it’s been stressful and tough. Overall I think we are all settling in and starting to get a feel for our new life. The kids have made some friends and are now...


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We are a part of the Commission to Every Nation Missionary Network

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